Customization & new features

The SP tool is a constantly evolving project and webapplication.

It's certainly possible to add and develop additional features based on new requirements. The following describes the way to go ahead:

Conditions would be:

- new features/ requirements would have to be compliant with the general (architectural/ technical) setup of SP and the project goals;
- all changes will be open source (GNU license) and will be become part of the publicly available SP versions and sources;
- analysis (functional/ technical) programming, testing, implementing can be taken care of based on your requirements (detailed requirements document would be needed);
- costs would be based on an hourly rate of 40 to 60 Euro (VAT excluded) an overall price could be agreed upon;
- all work will be done through W3DevPro ( which is the formal company behind SP based in the Netherlands (owner/ developer);
- depending on the complexity and the urgency of the work a third party may have to be found, if possible W3DevPro will ake care of the work itself;

An initial requirements & costs analysis will be made based on a first briefing. An hourly rate of 40 Euro will be charged for the initial analysis. The number of hours needed will be determined up front based on your requirements description.

If you decide to go through with the request for an initial analysis and cost estimate you will be asked to confirm your request through and send your company ‘s details (incl. VAT nr.) for the invoice. 

An invoice will be sent by mail or through Paypal depending on your preferences. A 50% payment upfront will be required (note: additional costs through Paypal: 3,4%).

If additional/ more detailed information is needed questions will be forwarded. A brief description of the intended use in generic terms from a users perspective will certainly help.

Based on the results of the initial analysis further decisions can be made to go forward with the project and what changes would be viable and acceptable both to yourself as to the Survey Project.