Survey™ Project v. 2.2 - SQL (Alpha)

Survey™ Project v. 2.2. was published in December 2013.

Next a new development branche was started of both SP v. 2.2 and the SQL Server Web Tools (v.1 Alpha) as published in July 2006 through the Codeplex site.

The aggregated work is published as SP™ v. 2.2 - SQL. The SP™ v. 2.2. - SQL package contains all SP™v 2.2. and SSWT (SQL) features and includes many repairs and additions to the original SSWT v.1 Alpha software.
The additional "SQL" features allow for direct (web)access to the database of the SP™ application and the data and results of the surveys created and published through the SP™ tool.  It's an easy way to manage and administer the SP™ data and database(s) online without the need for sqlserver applications on your PC or laptop. Options for exporting and reporting on survey data are greatly enhanced as well.




In order to continue developing the SP tools and distribute the software and source code for free we have been looking for ways to generate money to pay for the basic needs of the project (websites/ hosting etc.).

One way would be to ask you to pay for the new Sp Sql package (install or source code). Before we do this we would appreciate to have your opinion.

You can download the alpha version for free but we ask you to help us by answering a few questions first. After submitting the survey you will have access to the download page for SP v. 2.2. -  Sql Alpha Install software.