Hosting Partners

Below you find a list of authorized Survey™ Project Partners who provide Hosting Services matching your requirements and the best technical environment to run your Survey™ Project installation.

Once you have made your choice based on the information below or after additional research you can contact the partners directly through the links or email addresses.


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W3DevPro™ provides quality at reasonable prices based on a long term experience (since 1995) with the use and development of internet websites (webapplications, webportals, Content Management Systems) built in (x)html, asp(x) and .NET.

o Hosting & Setup
WDP™ offers advise on all hosting services: the highest quality at the lowest possible prices is what we look for.
WDP™ advises you on the most ideal platform to run your websites.

Our motto: choosing state of the art technology and reliable service 24/7 to make the most out of your webapplications.

WDP™ is the founder and coordinator of the Survey™ Project.