Welcome to the SP™ Business Site

Survey™ Project is a web application to create online surveys and (data entry) forms to collect & process data through the internet. It's easy to use and create surveys, web forms or data entry forms, run web campaigns and build reports.

The SP™ Business site provides professional services and products related to the use and development of the Survey™ Project web application.


o Searching and recruiting qualified business partners to provide Survey™ related services
o Linking service requests and demand to the best service partners available.

New Requirements & Customizations

o Click for more information and conditions to add new features.


o Start surveying right away and order your SP™ Business Package
o Including the Survey™ Project webtool, domainname, webspace, webmail and database.
o Ready to use in 24 hours.

Our Services


Advise and selection of hosting services that match both user and technical requirements to run the Survey Project Webapplication.

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Training/ Support

Support options on different levels. Technical maintenance and support. End user assistance. Any form of online help available.

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Survey Creation/ Template Design

Once you have a survey on paper it can be build with the SP formbuilder. If a special design is needed (logo's, corporate identity) all will be handled for you.

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Installation/ Integration

Installation of the SP webapplication on your hosting services or companies webserver. Integration with an already existing website or webapplication.

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Development/ Customisation

Additional features, question/ answer types that are not yet part of the open source SP tool but can be programmed to meet specific wishes.

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Results/ Reports

Assistance with the analysis of the survey results and the creation of reports.

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